Get ready to engineer and command your own Arduino car with a Bluetooth module in our immersive robotics workshop!

Welcome to the STEM Rover Robotics Workshop 2023

Unleash your creativity and passion for robotics at the STEM Rover Robotics Workshop 2023! Build Bluetooth Arduino cars, program interactive robots, and explore the world of STEM. Let your ideas come to life!


Friday 2PM -5PM 20 MAY, 2023


Pakistan Institute of Fashion and design (PIFD), 51-J3 Johar Town Lahore



What You Will Get

  1. Hands-on experience building and programming Bluetooth Arduino cars and interactive robots
  2. Unleashing creativity and exploring the limitless possibilities of robotics and STEM
  3. Igniting a passion for robotics, engineering, and technology
  4. Expert guidance and mentorship from experienced instructors
  5. Transforming ideas into reality through practical application
  6. Networking opportunities with peers and industry professionals
  7. Building confidence and honing problem-solving skills
  8. Comprehensive and immersive learning experience in robotics and STEM

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Hands-on Learning

Enhance learning and retention through hands-on experiences that actively engage participants with concepts and materials.

Critical Thinking Skills

Cultivate critical thinking: analyze, explore solutions, make informed decisions. Vital for complex challenges across domains.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Foster collaboration and effective communication through interactive projects. Participants learn to work together, share ideas, and achieve goals collectively.

Real-World Application

Bridge theory and practice with STEM workshops, applying knowledge and skills to real-life scenarios. Experience the relevance of STEM in everyday life and understand its impact firsthand.

Innovation and Creativity

Nurture innovation and creativity through workshops that encourage unconventional thinking, pushing boundaries and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

Career Readiness

Valuable exposure to STEM fields ignites a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Industry insights inform career decisions and inspire future pursuits

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